Happy arrival after 10.372km of colours, sunsets, landscapes and countless friendship

We did it.
We arrived.

Moscow was there waiting for us after 7 days, 6 nights, 1 border of 12 hours, many instant-coffees, 458 photograhies shots (or even more...), one night with 4 bottles of terrible vodka, 2 delicious smoked salmons bought in one of the thousands of stations passed, beautiful sunrises and more and more amazing sunsets.

On our way through the endless Siberia we saw many different landscapes that really took our breath away in more than one ocassion.
They say that an image can explain much more than one hundred words, so just take a look of some of those images that kept our eyes next to the windows.

Crossing the southest part of the Central Siberian Plateau, heading Kazakhstan in our southest part, Mongolia in our east we had the incredible opportunity of saying “Goodmorning” to the impressive Ural Mountains, while in the evening we had some cookies with coffee crossing through the huge and frozen Volga river, and finally had dinner above the Caspian sea.
Not bad...

So many places. So many images to save in our minds. So many good moments shared with good people that it even makes it much better...

Our lifes on the train were great. Having all the time to read, relax, listen to music, watch a movie, have long talks about life or just observe the superb views coloured by imppresive sun-lights.

The sun was so so so happy to see us, that he really gave us an amazing and colourfull show every single day. Just check it out and decide which one is the best...

Now that I am in Moscow and I arrived to our final destination I really now the meaning that this train has supposed to many or "maybe" for all of us.

Taking this train from Beijing to Moscow, during 7days through the hell of the frozen Siberia, has a special and personal meaning. It´s not just a transportation. It´s not just a way to arrive to a next destiny.

We all had dreams to make come true. We all had that little crazyness of taking a train like this in the month of December. We all were coming back home joining people we love.
All of us had different and personal reasons. But we all shared that positive vision looking forward to the future, kilometer by kilometer.

We did not care about the thousands of critics and arguments that family, friends or even unknown people told us about this crazy idea. Taking the Transiberian in December...?¿?!?¿ Staying in a same train during 7 days with unknown people...?¿? Why don´t you just take a flight...?¿!?¿?

We just believed in what we wanted to do. We did it and we loved it.

I want to send a big kiss to my new friends from the Transiberian to Costa Rica! (Thats the next train we will “some day” take together...)
Charlotte: It was a pleasure to meet another amazing traveller girl! Wish you all the best and remeber that we still have to surf together, somewhere, someday!
Alex: Great finding you in the embassy and joining you in this trip! Wish you all the best!

Philippe: Great German guy with all the answers you could ever need! Take care!

Igor: Nice meeting local people. Good luck with your movies!
Steward: Crazy boy! You know that everytime I will have a prawn sandwich I will think about you!

Vlad: My super cabin partner! Thank you so much for taking so much care of me. Remember to never loose that bright in your eyes, ok! Un beso grande and see you!!

Here I am in Moscow on the 18th of December 2009. With an extrenal temperature of -18ºC. Under and over the brightness of the snow.
Being almost my last destination, I still have the energy to explore this town and see what it could offer me.
I still have places to visit, new people to meet, more photographies to take and more stories to share with all of you.

Thank you to all of you for joining me on this trip. We almost arrived, so don't give up...
Moscow it´s going to be tough, but I think you will all love our last destination...

PD: “I dedicate this post to my “transiberian new friends” who really asked me to write one post in english for them! Here you are guys!”
“Dedicado a mis amigos del transiberiano que me pidieron por favor escribiese un post en inglés para ellos. A ellos va dedicado!”

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Muchas gracias Ale :)

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Ale I would like to read more articles on your travels :)

everything will be alright :)

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I only just found this, you described it like i never could. Thanks Ale! :)

love stu x